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What is good quality sleep?

Let’s look at about the first 3 hours.

How to feel refreshed in the morning.

When waking up in the morning, I feel well rested and much better than the day before. When washing my face in the morning, my skin feels different to the touch than usual. When heading to work, I feel light on my feet. These moments of comfort reflect how well you’ve slept the night before.

Skin and sleep, a close relationship.

The brain secretes growth hormone while we sleep, especially during deep sleep.And what exactly does growth hormone do for you? It encourages metabolism, and repairs and regenerates body tissues like skin and muscle.

Getting plenty of deep sleep is important; however, our daily lives are full of change. Having a family means getting up really early, and occasionally you may find yourselves up till after 2 am watching DVDs. But here’s some good news for women living in a modern society such as this. Apparently it’s actually that first 3 hours of sleep in which you can achieve deep sleep, and during this time, your body will release growth hormones.*

Sleep, your first step toward tomorrow.

Don’t think of your busy day as a problem, just make a start by focusing on your first 3 hours of sleep, trying to sleep as deeply as possible during that time. Avoid looking at your computer screen or smart phone before going to sleep, and have a leisurely bath to relax. Making little changes that help you ease into sleep will bring you one step closer to a better tomorrow.

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*Endo, Takuro. Gokaku wo kachitoru suiminho (How to sleep better for exam success) Tokyo: PHP Institute, Inc. 2010.


18. Kalite Kongresi

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 18. Kalite Kongresi

Güvercin İletişim, Kalder'in düzenlemiş olduğu, 16-18 Kasım 2009 tarihleri arasında gerçekleşen '' Sürdürülebilir Topluma Dönüşüm''-Yeni İş Yapma Biçimleri'' konulu 18. Kalite Kongresi'nde öğrenen organizasyonlar ve sistem dinamiği alanın öncülerinden Peter Senge'yi videokonferans ile bağladı. Yaklaşık 3 saat süren konferans ilgiyle izlendi.